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The Delaware Valley Urology Cancer Treatment Center is home to the Delaware Valley’s first RapidArc™ Radiotherapy system. Based on a brand new technology that directs an exact dosage of radiation with unsurpassed precision, RapidArc™ delivers treatments at up to eight times the speed of conventional radiation systems. The average treatment is over in less than two minutes.

Although RapidArc radiation therapy is extremely effective against some cancers, different conditions may require different approaches. Your care team will determine if the RapidArc system is the right answer for your prostate cancer.

Behind the beam: the science of radiotherapy

The principle behind radiation therapy is that while cancer cells reproduce more quickly than healthy cells, cancer cells cannot easily repair themselves but healthy cells can. So by directing a concentrated beam of radiation at an afflicted area we can stop the growth of cancer while minimizing harm to healthy tissue.

The keys to effective radiation treatment then are:

  • Having a comprehensive radiation plan designed by an experienced Physician
  • Precisely targeting the cancerous tissue
  • Keeping treatments brief and frequent to minimize healthy tissue damage
  • Maintaining the precision of your instruments

The RapidArc™ system represents a significant improvement over conventional radiotherapy systems in terms of precise targeting, exact dosing and speed of treatment. It is also an “external beam” treatment, which is the least intrusive therapy option for treating cancer.

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Accredited by the premier credentialing body for radiation oncology, ACR (The American College of Radiology).

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