• “My experience in treatment at DVU was superior.  I could not have imagined it better. Dr. Hirsh, the technicians, and rest of the staff do wonderful jobs, and I appreciated their encouragement and care.”  Marvin C.
  • “From day one the entire staff was helpful and friendly.  They treat you as if you are a family member.”  Leon S.
  • “The saff was extremely personable and knowledgeable and always kept me up to date.  I had a very positive experience and will miss the entire staff.  Thank you for making a tense situation comforting.”  Marvin D.
  • “Dr. Hirsh and the staff were always professional, courteous, and always had time to answer questions.”  John N.
  • “The entire staff was professional and caring beyond what I could have expected.”  Fred M.
  • “Dr. Hirsh and her entire staff will be in my heart forever!”  Bill A.
  • “I couldn’t be any happier and satisfied with all the professionals and staff.  I’ll continue to recommend.”  Wayne H.
  • “They all helped to ease my transition through a more difficult time in my life.”  Ronald C.
  • “Your staff is exceptional.” Barry P.
  • “I would like to commend the staff for their professional service, caring assurance and positive attitude during my treatments.”  Dave W.
  • “Everyone was so great which made my treatments easy.”  Joseph B.
  • “About the finest, well-organized, well-trained, compassionate medical group I’ve had the pleasure to have been affiliated with.”  Steve D.
  • “BABIN IS TOP OF THE LINE AS A DOCTOR, YOU CAN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN HER. Background of myself, I never go to the doctors because my body is healthy. I operate a farm with my 2 sons. My husband died 1992. We do hay and straw. A few years ago I had 2 kidney stones removed, they were the size of an egg. My body was very healthy. Now my uterus kept falling out. My daughter-in-law made an appointment with Dr. Babin. I never heard of her. I was in Kennedy Hospital for 3 days before seeing Dr. Babin. They could not figure out how to hold my uterus in after I left the hospital. I was in the emergency room almost every day. Finally Dr. Babin solved the problem. An instrument was put in to hold my uterus in place (Pessary) until my surgery. It never came out until surgery they removed it, surgery went very well. There was no pain after surgery or any time after for that matter. I did not even need the pain medication after surgery. Dr. Babin is top THANK YOU DR.BABIN!”
  • “With all the negative Ad’s on TV regarding bladder slings, it is very difficult to make the decision to have surgery or not. But really the Ad’s are from Lawyers, not real people. Having this surgery was the best decision I made. To be able to sneeze, cough or exercise without leakage is amazing. I can not believe how happy I am now. The procedure went exactly as explained, very little pain with great big rewards. Thank you Dr.Babin, You Rock!!!”
  • “I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOUR SKILL AND EXPERTISE! Just a note to let you know I am almost fully recovered from my operation. Thank you so much for everything you did for me! Everyone on your staff was very helpful also. I am so grateful for your skill and expertise in giving me a necessary part of my life back. And to think that I am left with a few tiny incisions that are practically all gone – simply AMAZING! Thanks again, I will certainly recommend you highly to anyone facing this procedure.” R.G. (Age 67)
  • “I suffered with a prolapsed bladder for 25 years or so. My GYN doctor at the time said that there was nothing she could do about it. About 6 years ago I heard about a Uro-Gyn doctor that was in Philadelphia. I own my own business and heard about the long hospitalization that would be involved; I could not take the required time off, so another delay. Then 3 years ago I heard of another doctor in Voorhees. I went to him but did not feel comfortable at all. He also talked about long hospital stays and said that I was older and it would be easier to operate if I didn’t want to have “relations” with my husband of 7 years. Finally I called Kennedy and asked about a Uro-Gyn doctor and they gave me Athena Women’s Institute for Pelvic Health’s number. The rest is truly history. Dr. Babin operated on me, the other professionals in the office helped me and I now feel like a new person. I am 71 and I feel like 50. I have a good life to look forward to. Thank you all for your help.”
  • “I was treated at DVU this week.  I thought I had an appointment in Elmer so I went there but alas, I was booked for Sewell.  Valerie at the front desk was so kind and courteous and she spoke with the doctor and they just put me on the schedule.  She said there was no point in making me wait for another appointment and it was just lunch time and they didn’t mind. What a great experience!!!!”


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